Rogues 2017 Annual Banquet (Photo: Aaron Cheek)

The Flint Rogues Rugby Club held their annual banquet this weekend to honor the individual accomplishments of the past year.

Among the award recipients was Matt Miller, who was voted “Forward of the Year” by his peers.

Miller stated on Facebook “(I’m) very humbled and honored for this award. I love this club and this city that it represents. I am extremely proud to be a Flint Rogue.”

Rorii Hill was voted the team MVP. Hill, who was unavailable for comment, spent most of the evening in solemn reflection of his accomplishment.

Rogue of the Year: Howel King

Rogue of the year went to club president Howel King. King, who has been at the helm of the club, received a standing ovation after an introduction from Mr. Rob Moquin.

Moquin stated “If it wasn’t for Howel, this club wouldn’t have progressed to where it is now.”

King graciously thanked the team for the award, and encouraged everyone to take part in the future progress of the club.

As the night came to an end, team manager Jeff Krumpholz shared “It was a good night to celebrate our tradition, 2017 is going to be even better.”

Other award recipients from the night were as follows:

Rookie of the Year: Josh Tousley

Back of the Year: Connor Kovacs

Most Improved Player: Markieze Mitchell